Selected Essays, Reportage, and Criticism:

Faked: The Headquarters. The Followers. The Influence?” | The New York Times
Trump’s First Year, as Told by Our Washington Bureau” | The New York Times
Armistice Day in the Digital Trenches” | Guernica
How the Times Covered Harvey” | The New York Times
Climate Change as a Design Problem” | The New York Times
The Push and Pull of European Political Campaigns” | The New York Times
Until the Last Dog is Hung” | Guernica
In traffic on the bridge with Parker Posey, the sun had come out.” | Affidavit
Smart with a Guitar” | The Oxford American
The Dreary Coast: Difference and Hyperbole in Mohsin Hamid’s Exit West” | BOMB
Indulge the Other” | Guernica
The Mystery Box” | Guernica
Both Like and Unlike Man” | Foundations (excerpted in Vice‘s The Creators Project)
Samuel Jablon” | Interview
Tearing Down the Walls” | Guernica
Green Thumbs in the Motor City” | Guernica
David Lipsky Ends Up Becoming Himself” | Literary Hub
Empire of Sighs” | Guernica
On A Strange Roof, Thinking of Home” | Guernica
The Biographers” | The Miami Rail
More Than You Can Chew” | Guernica

Selected Reviews:

The Nature of Desire: Dash Snow at the Brant Foundation” | The Miami Rail
Approaching Donald Judd” | Guernica
Louise Bourgeois’s Anxieties Find a Home in Moscow’s Garage” | Hyperallergic
‘The Givenness of Things’ by Marilynne Robinson” | The Miami Rail
The Marshmallow Test” | Public Books
The Artistic Madness of the American South” | Hyperallergic 
’The Agriculture Hall of Fame’ by Andrew Malan Milward” | The Rumpus
“’The Colonel’ by Mahmoud Dowlatabadi” | The Rumpus